TAPE 1.2.2

TAPE 1.2.2 has been released.

This update adds a Kanban mode toggle [TAB] and some bug fixes.

Kanban changes the flow order of Collections so that the top row are always the highest in order, rather than being distributed evenly in the default river layout. This is entirely optional.

A new user guide is available at http://aeriform.io/docs/tape and new themes added to the repository including one inspired by BABA IS YOU. https://github.com/aeriform-io/Themes


aeriform_tape_1.2.2_mac_r2019042401.zip 52 MB
61 days ago
aeriform_tape_1.2.2_win_r2019042401.zip 32 MB
61 days ago
aeriform_tape_1.2.2_linux_r2019042401.zip 52 MB
61 days ago

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