TAPE 1.3.8

Tape 1.3.8 is now available with features and changes to improve the user experience.

::  Single click text editing of collections and items
::  Dismiss and hide collections to the bottom
::  New default theme
::  New logo
::  Reduced notification badge count on MacOS
::  Updated welcome guide

Aeriform is entirely funded from product sales and patron support. If you would like to support us https://patreon.com/aeriform


aeriform_tape_1.3.8_mac_r2021092101.zip 57 MB
33 days ago
aeriform_tape_1.3.8_win_r2021092101.zip 42 MB
33 days ago
aeriform_tape_1.3.8_linux_r2021092101.zip 56 MB
33 days ago

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How do I get back the default theme?


Nvm. I found out: “Cmd/ctrl + shift + T”