TAPE 1.4 Early Access

Tape 1.4 is now available in early access for our supporters.

This update is a step towards making Tape more customisable and tailored to individual workflows.

Item states can now be customised by editing the states property in template Tape .txt files.

+ Collections can be duplicated
+ Individual collections can be exported
+ Collection text content can be copied to clipboard
+ New Status messages
:: Changes to theme system and new styles
+ Automatic backup
:: Updated bundled themes

More work is planned before general release in the coming weeks including a means of editing states in app.

Aeriform is entirely funded from product sales and support. If you would like to support us https://patreon.com/aeriform or https://ko-fi.com/aeriform


aeriform_tape_1.3.8_mac_r2021100601.zip 57 MB
Oct 06, 2021
aeriform_tape_1.3.8_win_r2021100601.zip 42 MB
Oct 06, 2021
aeriform_tape_1.3.8_linux_r2021100601.zip 56 MB
Oct 06, 2021

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