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TAPE is a simple, elegant and intimate project management tool designed for artists, designers, or any creative professionals.

Track projects in Collections, tasks and deliverables as Items within Collections, setting the state of each Item depending on its status, as simple as clicking.


Tape 1.4.0

WIP Documentation  aeriform.gitbook.io/tape

aeriform.io / patreon.com/aeriform / ko-fi.com/aeriform

Development of Tape is entirely funded from sales and supporters on Patreon and ko-fi. Please consider supporting !

Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/aeriform_io !

Please be sure to run Tape independently of (not from) the itch.io app.

Note for Windows users: Windows Defender may flag Tape as being potentially harmful. This is because the software is currently unsigned.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(250 total ratings)
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Honestly? Beyond professional projects, this has helped me IMMENSELY with managing my chores and daily tasks around the house or for major life stuff. I recommend this for anyone else who has ADHD - especially when you consider the notification-bubble like thing on the dock icon so the tasks at hand aren’t fully “out of sight, out of mind” even when the main window is hidden behind other programs.

Very handy tool to organize things when I feel like I'm going absolutely insane with the number of things I have to get done. 

It is a bit confusing at first, but after spending a couple minutes messing around and experimenting, it's pretty simple to set up.

Thank you!

Love using this, I'm wondering if the Graph functions are meant to be this clunky? (it's the only part im having issues with)
Some of the functions like ctrl+click don't seem to be working...

Hey there! I still love tape and use it for organizing larger projects. I’m on Linux and use the AppImage, and when you open it you have the option to “integrate” the AppImage into your system (it adds an entry in your launcher, etc.). However, the icon for this is blank – would it be possible to get a copy of the icon in SVG, png, or whatever is most convenient?

Also, I made a theme for it that I really like. I’m including the link here in case anyone else wants to give it a try: frzn.dev/~amr/images/donut.svg

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Hi! I really love using Tape, but I have one problem with the text size increase - It doesn't increase the collection names or text saying the state of the task. It's a bit hard to read on larger 4K monitors. It also would be great to be able to adjust column widths in full window to a comfortable size (like using ctr+shift minus-plus shortcut).
Thank you!


Any thoughts on making the software work online? or to sync across mutliple devices? I use my phone and tablet a lot, at it would be awesome to not only have it in an android version, but as something I can sync across the devices. Anyways, loving it so far on my PC <3


I got this working but it was a little clunky. If you use a symbolic link from the local files on device A (like in your appdata on windows) to a onedrive folder, and then do the same on device B it works. I had sync issues occasionally and it's not intuitive but it did work.

This software is amazing, even revolutionary. I really, really like it!

The only thing I'm missing is some kind of easy full-screen functionality. On Mac, it doesn't have the regular close/minimize/full screen buttons. It's kind of notable that this app doesn't, as I think it's gotta be one of the only ones I've ever seen, but if it had these it would be perfect for me.

Anyway, thanks a lot!


Love this tool. It has been helpful for keeping me on track.

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If the drag and drop import doesn’t work on linux/ubuntu, it’s maybe because you are not root.

open nautilus as a root

sudo nautilus

and then drag and drop the text file from there.

Hi there, i really love the idea of this app, however during the first time loading it up i am getting stuck on an installation window, it loads half way and I don't know why, if you could help that would be amazing! I am looking forward to using the app :)


Thank you for getting in touch. Apparently this is a known issue with the NSIS installer we care currently using. As I understand it is apparently necessary to use Regedit to find


and delete the entries found within. This should solve the issue but unfortunately can't guarantee this and advise caution doing anything with Regedit.

I hope this helps !

Yep, don't know how, but it helped me

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cool app, thanks for creating it.  does anybody know where backups are stored on MacOS? Thanks :)

Thank you for reaching out.
On MacOS local storage and backups are stored at /Users/aeriform/Library/Application Support/Tape

I'd love to see a 'stay on top' option added in the menu. I like a small Tape stack in the corner of my window, and would like to force it to stay on top of all the my other windows.


Hello, thank you for reaching out. There is that option but it is a keyboard shortcut. Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + O to toggle.

Amazing thank you! 

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I dropped the text files in, and I can't figure out how to reset to a blank slate lol.  I want to like this - it seems really cool.  Maybe just a bit rough around the edges for new users coming in.  I'm sure this is a total PEBKAC thing lol

Not sure if it was the right way to do it, but I just wiped out the files from ~/,config/Tape/Local\ Storage/ and it reset it all haha

[EDIT] Is it possible to add an item by clicking out of the box after adding text?  If you click back in the text is still there and you can hit Enter to commit the addition, but it would be nice if simply clicking out of the box after adding text did the same.


Hello, thank you for reaching out. There was previously an easier way to reset Tape but it was removed until we have a better implementation that is not too easy to accidentally erase needed data.

At the moment Tape is designed that [Enter] confirms actions for consistency and so as to not change something unexpectedly. There could be an option to allow what you suggest in the future but can't say if or when.

So is there a way of removing the documentation? Because it's a lot of stuff and even archiving it isn't removing it. I like this app, but it's already become too cluttered and it's stressing me out!

Hello, to remove Collections you need to select and edit its name, and use CTRL+Backspace to clear it, it should then prompt to delete

OK, thank you!

Hi! What's the difference between the Approved state and Done state? I'm having trouble visualising a task that's submitted and approved but not done. (I know I can edit the names to something that works better for me but I would really like to know the difference!)

Thank you for reaching out. The distinction between Approved and Done is in that from production experience, there may be steps that need to be taken, delivery of the work for example, before it can be marked as complete. I hope this helps !

Am I missing something here? I can't change the colour themes like in the pictures shown on this page. I've read the manual and tried using the tab button but it doesn't do anything. Using Windows 11.

Thank you for reaching out. To change a theme you need to drag and drop a theme .svg into Tape. If this does not work it may be because of running it from the itch launcher rather than independently.

As for changing modes with Tab, this is for when you have many collections and want to show how they flow across or down the screen. If you only have so few, there may not be an obvious difference.


Thanks, I didn't realize all I had to do was drag and drop from the folder. I had a brain mistake. Hopefully this app will help with that.

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This looks like it could be a very useful app, thanks for making it. The only thing I feel is missing is a keyboard shortcut to quickly delete an item or collection, so that instead of having to click on the collection, select the text and then delete it you could hover over it, press the delete button on your keyboard and it would be gone.

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Is there a plan to add sub-items/sub-collections ?

I really like the software but I tend to subdivide my tasks on 3 different levels (project -> general task -> specific task for instance) naming conventions to organise myself this way, it works but is a bit unwieldly.

For whatever reason, I cannot use this app. I can create a new collection but thats it--no key presses or clicks do anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello—could you let me know what you're running Tape on, and if it was launched directly from itch, please ?

I launched it directly from desktop, and I'm running it on Windows 10 Pro

and you are able to create a collection, but not items or change the state by clicking on anything ? 

Yes, almost as if the app is frozen otherwise.

im having this exact problem: nothing works other than creating a collection, it makes no sense..


I really love this tool, but would love it if I could take it to school with me on my tablet. Any thoughts on developing it for android? Would love an apk. Again thanks for the tool! It's perfect

Hi! Thanks for keep updating TAPE. I bought it directly (and indirectly) three times till now! Sadly, I’m having problem making it run on Manjaro Gnome 21.3 (Ruah). When I double click on the AppImage, the OS asks me to integrate the AppImage in the system, but when I press Yes and the process is completed, I can’t run it. I click on the shortcut in the app menu but it doesn’t start. When I’m prompted, if I press No, nothing happens. If you need other information, please let me know. Thank you for your support :)


Hello, Tape has not been tested on that variant of Linux but we'll try to look into it and see what's going on. Thank you so much for your support !

I've been loving using this on my PC, so I just installed it on my MacBook to use there as well. Since I plan on using it frequently, I pinned it to the dock. Somehow, I got a badge notification on it and I absolutely cannot figure out 1) why it showed up and 2) how to make it go away. This is actually really frustrating because it's really distracting and defeats the purpose of the app. I didn't see anywhere in Tape to turn off notifications so I tried going to macOS's System Preferences to turn them off, but it didn't show up in the list of applications.

Any help on what to do here?

Thanks c:

Hello, sorry for the confusion. Tape on MacOS has a feature that shows a badge notification, these should only appear for how many collections have priority items in them.

Ahh okay thanks for your reply! That makes sense.


This app is actively improving my life as an artist, thank you so much for making it. 


hi, I really like the look, task representation and organisation of the tool. <3
The keyboard shortcuts are great, but it lacks the ability to navigate the collections and items with the keyboard so that the shortcut can really be useful. Is keyboard navigation on the roadmap ?

Been using Bullet Journal for 4 years, thinking of switching to Tape. What are the future improvements for it? Any plans on Android?


Thank you so much for the latest update! I really like this app. I was wondering if you could give me some guidance on how to customize the states/categories. My attempts to change the names of the states from the defaults ends up with it displaying as "UNDEFINED."  I'm running your app on Linux- Pop OS.

Hello, that shouldn't happen ! Are you opening up the state editor with Ctrl+E, and what are you changing the states to please ?

Your reply just made it obvious to me that I have no idea what I'm doing, lol. I was playing the states in Drop Me In Tape Template. Totally the wrong thing. 

Okay, so I have Tape open ,and I pressed Ctrl+E, and nothing happened. I'm guessing doing that is suppose to open the editor? The other commands using Ctrl work fine.

Oh of course, please sure you are using 1.4, and you need to hover over the collection you want to edit the states of and a list should appear of what the states currently are.

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Got it, that totally worked. Awesome! Thank you! 

I would love a version for ARM (Raspberry Pi specifically) so I can run it on my travel computer

Hey this is awesome! One lil request for whenever you have time and energy, being able to save thing at a custom location would be really nice, as that would allow it to be used with github and just having the option of where to save the file is nice as well.

Hello and thank you for the kind words. You can export all your data to a custom location with Ctrl+S, and as of 1.4 this can be individual collections.

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Oh that solves it, can you open it as easily?

Currently any files are loaded via drag+drop, any data will be created and append what is currently there.

Okidoki, I'll use this then for next project :>

Just wanted to say, this program is awesome!  It is very easy to use and is helping me to keep track of things without being overburdened with options.  I do have a question though,  is it possible to change some of the category names (priority, submitted, etc) to some custom names instead? 

Hello and thank you for saying. Yes ! This is a feature in coming 1.4 that is currently available to supporters.

So, 1.4 is coming soon?  Also, is a 'supporter' just someone who has purchased Tape on itch.io?

It is coming soon, supporters are anyone who is supporting us via Patreon/Ko-fi

Also, can you tell me where the user project file is stored and is it possible to host it in another directory?

Tape data is stored in a LocalStorage folder in a folder like C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Tape

It is not possible to change where this points to at this time.

Ah.. I see.  I was thinking it would be awesome to store the tasks on a network drive.  I was showing Tape to the folks in the lab and they like it.  But to make it 'team' compatible, we would probably have to share the same file. If it ever became multiuser, I'm  sure a licensing thing could be worked out.

Either way, I am using it currently and the people I have shown it to seem to give a good impression!

That's awesome—there are plans for sharing but can't give a timeframe when that will be at the moment.

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Using Linux and I can't drag and drop things into the app. It just doesn't work. Might be a Wayland issue.

Not being able to drag and drop mean I can't see the tutorial, nor able to replace the light theme, which ends up making this app unusable for me. If it had a settings page or a config file, this would not be a problem.

If you are on Linux, keep this in mind before buying.


Hello — Are you running Tape from the itch launcher ? There is a known issue that prevents drag and drop functionality that affects MacOS and Windows users. If you run the app independent of itch, it should work as intended.

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Nope. I don't use that launcher. I tried opening the AppImage from Nautilus (the file manager) and directly from the terminal. Both times, the app did not have functional drag and drop with files dragged from Nautilus (the file manager).


Thank you for reporting this. There are many variants of Linux which makes it difficult to test, and this is the first report we've had of this, so we'll look into it !

My distibution is Fedora.


Possibly the same issue running it on Arch. Here's the error I get when I run the Appimage:

/tmp/.mount_aerifoIPR5Ef/tape: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Look, I use linux too, but unless the developer refuses to provide any support at all and is outright hostile, there's really no need for that tone in a comment, there are ways to provide feedback without sounding this dismissive of others people work, specially in smaller projects like this, only so much one can fix and test you know.

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You are right, my tone was harsh. I edited my comment. 

You have to keep in mind that when I wrote that comment, I just had spent 5$ on this tasks organizer that advertised itself as having Linux support and that ended up not working, while, for example, Getting Things GNOME not only works flawlessly on Linux, but is it also free of price and free as in freedom. I felt a little scammed, and I did not want someone else to buy it and be in my situation until the devs fixes it. (Last time the devs updated this is back in 2021 btw)

But you are right, it should not have influenced my tone, and I'm sorry to the devs and anyone else I offended.

X isn't 'deprecated' and pretty much everyone knows that Wayland is not a full replacement yet. Anything that is 3D accelerated (like games) just does not work with Wayland. Also, taking this tone when reporting an issue is just lame and really boring.


The poster edited their message and also apologised. I came because of this same issue in the hope of seeing an update.

Re Wayland, only nvidia users suffer from gbm, and it has been worked in now on maintained desktops. X has been supplanted for the majority of users for some time, and I have few issues even running dxvk on nvidia. Users with old devices are in trouble, but that is an issue with nvidia, not Wayland.

This is the first report of Tape not working in Linux I remember seeing, so I appreciate being made aware of it. I can look into it but at this time I can't offer an ETA on when that might be. You are welcome to initiate a refund if you prefer.

Hi! I think this is a beautiful and handy little tool that will help me a lot, but I'm struggling to remember how to control it. Is there a screenshot somewhere of all keyboard shortcuts? How do you move collections around, other than the "jump to top" option?

It just takes me a while to get a handle of things, but inserting the tutorial text file again creates a lot of clicky work! I'd prefer an at-a-glance option to remind me. 

Very tidy, lovely design that I'm excited to learn how to use!

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Hey, this may be a few dumb questions but, is there a way to remove the windows thingies from around tape? Also, some transparency would be nice if at all possible. Finally, I can't seem to use ctrl - to make it smaller which kinda sucks.

Hello—are you using the + - keys on the numeric keypad to change the size ? These should work but the ones to the left fo the delete key were the only originally supported and should work.

Everyone is complaining about deletion not being in the documentation, but since at least version 1.3.6 it's right in the intro document

Really like this app, but I wish I could change the font! Is it using the system default font (under Linux)? This is probably the only thing missing from it that I would love.

Thanks for making such a useful tool :)

When i installed tape i did not have any things like this to tell me what to do so I have no idea how to use the program for the most part did that just show up when you downloaded it?

Hello, this is the quickstart guide that comes with Tape in the file 'drop me in Tape'. If you drag this into the Tape UI, it will load the guide.

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I really dig Tape. My one issue is that it would be a perfect application for a thumbstick but, at least on Windows, has to be installed to App Data (in 3 different places nonetheless). I would love to see a Portable Edition of this that is entirely contained in a single folder without leaving traces of itself in other folders of the host PC. Are there any plans to do this?

Edit: Just realized the Itch UX would improve from this as well. Right now the user will "install" it from the Itch Desktop app, then install it for real when they run it from Itch, and then they must run it from their OS rather than Itch. If you made it self-contained you could run it all directly from Itch and avoid the "double install" situation. 


The Linux version is an AppImage, which can literally just be double-clicked and run from anywhere, so it's definitely possible. Yet another good reason to switch to Linux! :P

I dual boot into Mint and love it but my production workflow is in Windows. Can't do much about that yet (though I'm eyeing some software that might let me make the full on jump over soon). For the time being though, Windows is where I'm at when working so that's where my to-do list has gotta be 😅


Tape is fantastic, took me a minute to get used to it but now it's revolutionized how I am keeping track of projects at work.  Thank you for this, its wonderful :)
I also love the simplicity of changing the themes, very clever!

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Tape is great, I just miss a way to have a clickable link to a file or an URL in the list. That way I can directly link a document I need to review, a page I need to read or with some MAC tricks even an email I need to reply to. This would make the tool much more powerful.

Uhm. Why is there no way to delete anything? I had to delete the folder in app data and reinstall the program in order to make the tutorial go away.


Hello, sorry you had to do that. To delete simply click on the text label of any collection or item and backspace until it says 'Delete?' and press Enter to confirm.

Interesting way of going about that, thank you! You might want to put that in the documentation -- I don't think it's in there unless my dyslexic butt completely missed it.


Of course, thank you—yes it is currently missing from our documentation !

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Hi, tank's it's a perfect app


maybe a bit OTS but I love how every complains or questions that I've stumbled upon in these comments have a solution already implemented, it looks promising, keep up the great work !

Doesn't work on Manjaro. It didn't launch at all, after installing gtk2 it does, but  looks completely broken. I can't do anything except create collections and items.

Hello—this seems fine but you are not able to change states, or which features are specifically not working ?


Sorry, I've never used it before and didn't realize it was this simple. I've just read the manual and see that everything's working.

Love this app, only issue... is there an easier way to "un-finish" a collection? If I accidentally click finish on a collection its instantly marked as done, and the only way to open it back up (as far as i can tell) is to try to add another thing to it. Will we be able to just... click... the "finish" button (that tiny lil checkmark) to revert it? 

Hello—do you mean the check mark at the top right ? That only collapses the collection and sends it to the bottom, and doesn't change the state of any items. If you didn't mean to do this you can simply click the dots at the top left of the collection, and anywhere in the collection title bar to open it up again.


thank you so much!! I was clicking the dots earlier and it did nothing, but I didn't know I can open it from the title! much appreciated

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