Tape 1.1.8

Tape 1.1.8

This release adds an on-boarding guide for new users found in the 'DROP ME IN TAPE.txt' file included in the download.

Minor UI changes and the ability to change font size.

Also regarding themes, a repository has been set up at https://github.com/aeriform-io/Themes for Tape specific themes in addition to the Hundred Rabbits Themes at  https://github.com/hundredrabbits/Themes



aeriform_tape_1.1.8_mac_r2018102401.zip 50 MB
Oct 24, 2018
aeriform_tape_1.1.8_win_r2018102401.zip 32 MB
Oct 24, 2018
aeriform_tape_1.1.8_linux_r2018102401.zip 52 MB
Oct 24, 2018

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Is there a way to disable the cycling colors of the Tape logo that's now in a lot (all?) of the themes?

This has been patched out now.