Tape 1.1.7r2018101801

This release addresses some issues with themes and minor UI changes, and includes a number of additional themes.

As per the previous update, Tape is now part of the Hundred Rabbits' Themes Ecosystem and can use any of the themes available from there, in addition to the ones bundled with this release specific to Tape.

To load a theme, simply drag the .svg file into Tape. Cmd/Ctrl+T will reset Tape's default theme.

The Hundred Rabbits Themes can be found at https://github.com/hundredrabbits/Themes



aeriform_Tape_1.1.7_mac_r2018101801.zip 50 MB
Oct 18, 2018
aeriform_Tape_1.1.7_win_r2018101801.zip 32 MB
Oct 18, 2018
aeriform_Tape_1.1.7_linux_r2018101801.zip 52 MB
Oct 18, 2018

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