Tape GIVEAWAY redux—

Tape download keys released on Itch have now been claimed!

Thank you everyone who has checked it out.

I would like to ask that if you are finding Tape of value to your work and organisation, that you would upvote and leave a comment or review, and spread the word about this software.

If you are still on the fence about trying Tape, there are still download keys available on:

Ello - https://ello.co/aeriform_io/post/fzphduohndnmmiftvongxq

Spectrum - https://spectrum.chat/users/flame?thread=8241f141-e4f4-4b24-a6f3-4f24e0089763

If you do claim a key, please make note of the one you have so to not waste others' time.


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I got this one: https://itch.io/get-58aKhhsfPRtx
Thanks a lot!

I got the one at https://itch.io/get-azxkRSr7u4fe.

Thank you!

Got one for trial, thanks https://itch.io/get-4dpNQKvHZaEf

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I took the one at https://itch.io/get-9DfMuC93WReK. Thanks!