TAPE 1.1.0

hæ everyone—

I am very proud to announce the release of the Tape 1.1.0 for Windows/MacOS

1.1.0 is a complete rebuild of Tape from the ground up, with the intention of vastly improving performance and usability.

The functionality of Tape has remained mostly identical, more in keeping with the original intention which was lost due to bad performance previously. 1.1.0 introduces some improvements including the ability to copy/paste, right click an event to toggle between 'done' and 'unstarted, and pin the graph on click for easier access.

1.1.0 is available here for $5, also available for Patreon supporters of $1 or more. - patreon.com/madebyflame



IMPORTANT - If you are an existing Tape user, please make a note of, or export your data before updating to the new version to avoid data loss.


aeriform_tape_1.1.0_r18072601.zip 84 MB
Jul 26, 2018

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