TAPE 1.3.0 updated for MacOS Catalina

TAPE 1.3.0 has been released. Now signed for MacOS Catalina.

This update includes a number of new features and changes.

CHANGES: :: Unstarted item states have been renamed to Priority :: Progressing item states have been renamed to Working

*Please note that items with deprecated states will be set to neutral and will need to be changed as appropriate.

:: + and - keys change type size :: CMD/CTRL+P is now privacy blur


:: Count of priority items appear on dock icon (MacOS only) :: CMD/CTRL+O toggles always on top :: CMD/CTRL+Left or Right keys expand or collapse all collections :: CMD/CTRL+S prompts to export TAPE data to specified folder :: New quickstart guide included in package :: New themes included in package

*Please note that repository themes now require TAPE 1.3.0.


TAPE by ΛERIF°RM aeriform.io


aeriform_tape_1.3.0_mac_r2020012001.zip 52 MB
Jan 20, 2020

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