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Any plans to possibly add shortcuts for setting a specific label? For example, hovering the mouse over an item and clicking 1 for priority, 2 for working, etc.


I want to second that this is a great tool as it stands, but it would be a much bigger help to me if I could customize the statuses. This is something I'd want to use for my animation workflow so being able to set what stage a scene is in - storyboard, animatic, background, keyframes, compositing, etc - it would definitely be something I'd be inclined to use daily.  Hope to hear updates from you guys soon!


Hi ! Thanks for developing Tape, it looks great. I'd have one simple request which would greatly improve the UX for me (and for other people with bad eyesight ;) ) . Could the "+" and "-" minus button also control the size of the collection titles? (they remain small, they don't scale with the rest of the texts).


Can you let us customize how many "states" there are and what the names are?  I like the idea, but the current cycle doesn't really match my workflow.


Thank you for reaching out. Customisation of states is not possible at this time but it is something we are looking into.


Love this app, looks sleek and is easy to use! The only improvement I would want is an online app that I could have on all my devices. Great for tracking productivity locally though


Pretty cool, I will give it a try for sure! And a question, what you used to create this tool?

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I currently use GitKrakens Glo Boards to manage/maintain my notes and tasks but am always keeping my eye out for something a bit more customizable, as the typical "Trello" style horizontal only layout really waste a lot of space. I like that this takes a fluid approach and always fills whatever space is available.

So far I like what I am seeing,  though, I have only used it for a few moments. Already,  something I think it could really benefit from would be to remain a running background app that resides on the taskbar that you can show/hide with a hotkey.

Often when working on projects I will have multiple IDE's and other software open on 3 monitors and it can become a mess. Often if I have an idea or think of a new feature I want to add randomly, I have to write it down right away or I can forget all about it in a matter of seconds if something else gets my attention before I write it down. To be able to quickly hit a hotkey that brings up the app, I can add it to an 'ideas' collection to later revisit more thoroughly, then hit a hotkey again to hide the app.

I will definitely be spending some more time trying things out, though.

Lastly, based on the images, it looks like there should be at least 13 themes? I only seem to have 5 that came with it. I like the base of the darker themes, but there just isn't enough contrast to them, so it sort of makes everything feel blended together.  I will try to see if I can do some customization to them, though.

Most tools I try just are not worth taking the time to offer suggestions about, as the devs get tired of them and move on to other things. This tool has a lot of potential to be extremely popular, I feel, so I definitely hope you take suggestions to heart. Keep up the great work.



Thank you for reaching out an the kind words. More themes are available from !

That is a beautiful progress tracker and work organiser. Wish it were also online and in app to follow me anywhere :) 

Note: It took me some time to see the "drop me in Tape" file :D 


This tool looks nice but it has some issues.

Every item in a collection only shows one line of text. Not matter how long it is. If it doesn't fit, the text gets cut off and I can't find a way to see it. Except when editing it, but that's not very convenient. 

It seems like you can't change the order of collections. That would be really helpful.

You can only have one Project/Database. There is no easy way to switch to another project like... loading another file. Using one collection per project gets pretty messy over time.

So, it's not bad, but I can't really use it. But I will check it out later. Maybe this improves on some of this things in the future.

Could you increase the font size, or can we fiddle in the software to increase it? I think it is very small for my monitor...


Thank you for reaching out. You are able to change the font size with + and - on your keyboard.

Thank you, it worked but I was trying the ones from num lock that didn't worked. 

This software is really good. Thanks for sharing


what is this?

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Well, I like it, I think it has potential! It's a neat little tool, and it is very pretty.
But there are FIVE things I'd NEED before using it practically on my projects:

1. Option to bring back the top Window Handle. There's no full screen, minimize, or close, buttons, and no place to grab, which makes grabbing the window to move it around or resizing it a hassle. I'd love to full screen the app and window it again without having to drag it out manually too. 

2. Sub Categories / Sub-Collections. This has been asked for already, but it would make a world of difference. I currently use an app called Things, which does this to organize my project lists and it is a must have feature. 

For example: Project -> Category -> Task.

3. Cloud sync and or Collaboration. I know this one may not be so easy to integrate, but working on a game or film is a team effort (most of the time) and if only one person can see the schedule it makes it kinda useless.

4. The animations... UHHHGGG! That is to say  they feel gratuitous and slow. Hovering to expand a progress bar and then hovering again and waiting a full second for the percentages to appear is maddening. I want to be able to see my projects "at a glance" and if I have to click and then hover to get the information I need then... well, it's unusable.

5. Easier way to delete items and collections. It just takes too long and is very obtuse... Double click (on text only!),  Hold backspace or press CMD + Return, Press enter again. It should be much simpler than that. Also every time I try to select text (Even when editing the title) it drags the window around instead, and it makes me wanna scream, lol. 

I apologize if this all sounds rather scathing, I really don't mean it to be, I think it's a clever little app, and well worth $5. But hopefully these changes can be made someday!

Some other notes: 

  • Icon to bring collection to top... its terrible.  It does not indicate what it does visually. The shape of the icon is four squares, which universally is perceived as something you can grab and move up or down. If that's not the case, it should be an arrow pointing up. And at that rate, make two arrows, one to move it up a level and one to move it down a level. This would increase usability when restructuring ten fold.
  • The button to add a new collection is just a bar at the top that looks like a collection is being cutoff. Visually it doesn't make sense, and again, it does not inform the user as to what it does, maybe just a plus button at the top that changes to "New Collection" when you hover over it.
  • The themes are pretty, but most of them are too low in contrast which makes readability a bit of a chore. The and Discord ones are my favourite though.
  • Last but not least, there should be a keyboard short cut to make a new item! Or when you press enter and you've just made a new collection, pressing enter again should add an item.

Hmm so i was going to claim this just now ( it was for free) but my internet was down and couldn't and now its suddenly 5$  despite saying 20 hours remaining

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Same, I claimed it, sent it to a friend and it was priced again

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Hi! I've been using TAPE and I really like the simplified workflow/aesthetic, but I wish it were more modular on the tasks, i.e., I could have a collection txt file for one project, and a different txt file for another project.

Currently, if I drag a txt file onto TAPE, it just accumulates the project tabs, rather than replacing them. I also couldn't find any easy way to clear TAPE of all tabs.

Also: is there any way to push a task to the top of a collection?

Thanks for your work!

Thank you for reaching out and for the kind words. TAPE is designed so you can have all of your projects in a single session, with the saving/loading system in place to provide a backup. It is dangerous to have a file easily loaded simply replace the contents which is why it adds in the way it does, but allows other Collections to be added.

If you need to reset the contents, you can use the GUIDE .txt file that is provided with TAPE, clicking the message that appears will remove any Collections present.

Currently there is no way to rearrange Items in a Collection but it is something we are looking into !

Thank you for the reply!

I couldn't find the message in GUIDE.txt, ended up deleting everything manually. Please consider adding a separate file workflow as an option, and/or a way to delete everything.

Thank you again for your work!

GUIDE is collection data. If you drop it in TAPE, it shows a welcome message. Clicking that will cause a reset. We wanted to avoid a situation where it was too easy to accidentally erase everything, without some form of undo.


Hi ! I'm on Win10, using an AZERTY keyboard and can't find a working key to unzoom. Minus key doesn't work neither on the numpad nor anywhere else on the keyboard.

Is there another way to unzoom or reset all the TAPE settings, please ? Where could I find TAPE settings' file on my computer, please ?

Thanks for your help !

Thank you for reaching out. There is no current way to reset the zoom level, but this can be added to the general reset built into the Guide, and the option to reset theme. In the meantime is it possible to access the Windows On-screen Keyboard ? I believe the appropriate keys would be there ?

I already tested the visual keyboard and it doesn't work either :(

Okay. First please make a save of your TAPE data with CTRL+S

Next you are looking for a .localstorage file that should be somewhere like C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Tape 

If you delete this and start TAPE it should revert the zoom back to original.

It worked. By deleting this directory I reseted evrything, thanks !

Anyway a "Reset options" function would be nice for a future update ;)

Thanks again for your help !


I am unable to change the themes through drag and drop.

Hello. Are you running 1.3.0 and have the latest themes from the respository ?

Might be the issue, I'll get back to you with the results. Thanks for the quick reply.

Can confirm that the ones in the repository work just fine. Maybe roll them out in a new update? Or is this only an issue for people who've previously installed Tape?

Thank you. Because of a change that was made for 1.3.0, all themes had to be updated for them to be compatible with eachother.

Understandable, I can relate.

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Is it possible for categories to be put  in another    category, like sub-categories? 

Also, is it possible for the move feature to be changed so you can freely move  a collection around? Having to rearrange every single collection to go back in a specific order becomes a bit time wasting.

Thank you for reaching out. The ability to freely rearrange Collections is planned but cannot commit to when this will be available at this time. 

Can you please explain what you mean by sub-categories ?


I'm going to guess at what Phantom is saying (as I think it's the same update I want, but Phantom correct me if I'm wrong) but I'd love to be able to have a second container under collections that I could expand/collapse. This could look like:

Collection: Ship exterior

Sub-collection: Dialogue
Write for Character A
Write for Character B

Sub-Collection: Visuals
Visual Asset for Character A
Visual Asset for Character B

Sub-Collection: Music
Talk to Musician
Send money for invoice
Add File

Hopefully that helps convey our (my?) point.


That is actually exactly  what I meant and I really should've elaborated like this in my initial reply.  

any time table on getting it working for Catalina?

Thank you for reaching out. This is something we are looking into but there is no timeframe on this at the moment. Your patience is appreciated.

I like this. Is it possible to have a description for each task in a collection?

Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time.


I have just purchased Tape and I have some questions : 

- I want my friend to purchase it too and to be able to sync the current project via my Git server, could you please tell me where the app stores the current project state so I can share this file ?
- Is there a way to change where the project is exported when you press CTRL + E ?
- Is there a way to hide the windows bar ?

I have developed some apps in Electron so my questions are a bit naive... But you are the developer of this one :)

Thanks a lot and have a nice day,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Changing the default export location of collection data is not possible at this time, however there is a persistant local storage file. It is called 'file__0.localstorage' on MacOS, but I do not recall what this would be on Windows. You should be able to symlink this to another location, or link it to a git repository. If the intention is to share this between other teams in this way, beware that this would completely override the data. This is not an ideal situation I am aware but it is something we are looking into.

The bar was an aesthetic choice for Windows as it looked strange compared to the MacOS version, but I am thinking about the consistency between them.

Thanks for your answer ! I am planning to use Git to share the file, so no worry about the loss of data.

If you want me to help with this tool, I developed some things in Electron and I would be happy to develop some tickets for this (and for free, I can even sign a paper toward this direction)

For instance I saw you commented the "OWNER" of a new collection, I can definitely help with that ! And for the EXPORT LOCALSTORAGE too.
Do not hesitate to contact me via my website if you want (osmoz3d)

Have you made any demonstration videos? It would be really helpful to see how the software works before purchasing.

Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time, but I am happy to answer any questions you have about the current release !

Hi, first thanks for this gem! I love the minimalism and look of this app. 

I experience a problem with copy&paste. When I paste something, it get inserted twice.

OS: Linux
Version: 1.2.2

Thank you for the comment, it means a lot.

It has been reported that copy paste sometimes acts strangely and I am looking into it. However I believe that if you right click>paste, that should work.

Ha, that's how it works! Thanks <3

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Hi there, I'm experiencing some issues with items that use double quotes. Changes seem to not persist after I close the program... and I can't seem to delete them and aren't picked up by the progress bar at the top...not sure if anybody else is experiencing this?

To reproduce, simply add an item to a collection with double quotes e.g., THIS IS A "TEST" and you should see that changes don't take affect after closing and even if you change the stage of the item (to "Progressing" or anything else) that it doesn't reflect in the progress bar.

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this. It seems as though items that contain quote marks aren't being stored properly, fail to change the state and be deleted. The only way to delete these items is to delete the parent collection.

I will look into how to prevent this from happening.

awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I have been loving TAPE though, I am using it pretty much exclusively now to track all of my projects :D

Any progress on this? I haven't been able to use Tape because of this bug and I haven't seen any updates to fix it :( I'd love for this to be my main project organizer.

There has been no work done on this yet and I apologise. I will look into it as soon as I can.

Thank you for your patience. 1.2.4 has now been released and should address the problem.

I bought it, love it and use it.

How nice Tape looks. All creative software should be as simple and beautiful. Keep it up! 

Thank you !

How do you delete items?  Using the Windows version.  Expecting a button to the side of an item to remove.  Pending that cycling through button presses eventually allows you to change the item text.  Removing all the text reveals the word "DELETE?" but does not allow any way to confirm that you indeed want to remove the item.

Once you delete the text of the item, you are prompted with 'DELETE?' where you confirm with the [ENTER} key in the same way you confirm adding items.

Seems to work.  I'll try using this on different combinations of systems and keyboards/mice.  Maybe it doesn't like my current setup.  Thank you for the response!


Thank you for the latest update. The themes are looking very nice!

Is there any way of reordering items within a collection?


Not at this time, but it is planned.

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Hi, this app looks amazing but I encountered a bug on startup (1.1.6, Linux):

"Uncaught error: cannot find module 'detect-csv'"

I'm guessing this is a missing npm dependency on the latest build.

Looking forward to try it out!

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Thank you, looking into this now.

*EDIT* Should now be fixed !

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Fix worked, thanks!

Everything seems to work great, except for deleting collections: there's no X on the right side.

Really liking the design besides that, I'll follow this app closely.


Hæ this feature has been changed, so now you would double click to edit the title of the Collection and delete the text, which will then prompt to remove it permanently. This was changed for consistency and so that it is not possible to accidentally remove Collections. The X will have another purpose in the future but has been removed at this time.

Hello, I would like to report a bug.

When dragging any web link from a browser onto the application, the application briefly shows an error message: "Uncaught Error...", then navigates to the webpage that the dragged link pointed to. This is probably because of some default electron behaviour.

In the image, the tape application is no longer present.


I realize this is kind of an edge case...

Thanks again for creating this.


This has now been fixed and will be included in the next released build. Thank you for spotting this. 


Hello Aeriform,

I really like Tape. I have started to integrate it into my workflow. As I use it more and more, there are a number of features that I feel that are missing and could enhance the overall experience. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post feature request and post bug report, but here is a short list.

Feature requests:

  1. Key bindings- I feel that adding keyboard shortcut keys will greatly enhance the enjoyment of using Tape. The mouse shortcuts are good, but as someone who mainly uses the keyboard, being able to add, delete, move, hide, show  collections and items with a keyboard shortcut key, will greatly speed up my workflow.
  2. Menu items - On very few occasions I wish that I could change the shortcut keys, but one way of allowing macOS users to do so without having such a feature within the app, is to have menu items for said shortcut keys. This way the user can have access to those menu items and assign their own shortcut keys within the System Preferences.
  3. Layout - It would be cool if we could have different layout options, as suppose to just one vertical column. I like the minimalism of Tape, but I think it would be useful if we could perhaps drag a collection to the left or right, thereby creating a second column. 
  4. Always on top -  Although my workflow includes multiple monitors, being able to assign Tape to always be on top of other windows, I think, will add to the benefits of using the application as a project management tool.
  5. Menu bar/System tray - Keeping with the minimalism of Tape, having the option of only showing the application as a Menu bar/System tray icon would be useful. 
  6. Working directory - Being able to choose where Tape saves files would help save disk space and avoid  cluttering the Desktop.

Thank you.

I'm looking forward to more updates on Tape and any future work.


Thank you for your comment and suggestions. There are definitely some ways to improve functionality in Tape that are being considered and we are on the same page here with most of this, and some things that are already in the original scope but haven't been implemented yet. There are also some other exciting plans for Tape, but cannot give any indication of timeframe, for now.



Is there a video showing Tape in action please? I would like to know what I'm buying. Thank you.


There are plans to release some sort of video demo, or a live-stream demo at a later date. For now if you are on the fence there are still download keys available if you can find one !


Sorry for the late reply. I noticed that you show more pictures now. It's easier for users to see what to expect. I was also lucky enough to get a key. 

Thank you very much for that. 

Hi, I would like to gain access to the latest version of Tape. I had offered some suggestions to tape when the beta was released which I'm using 1.0.2. I hope those changes were applied to the latest version of tape ?

hæ, Tape is now available. I do not recall seeing any suggestions, but this version is a rebuild to focus on performance. Now work can be done on working on new features.

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I had to come here an say that the artisan of Tape and simplicity of UI are more then pleasant prehaps adding more simplicity based features on a large scale would serve you well , but I was mostly impressed the only complaint is "importing and exporting"
not exactly being user friendly besides the export button

How do you import the file you exported ?

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How do you stop it making a desktop shortcut?

Importing is not currently implemented, and should prompt where to import from and export to, in future.



Very Nice tool! 

I suggest some improvements if possible:

It will be wonderfull if we can edit items to add details / explainations on it . (for example in the empty area under the logo), and attach files or images.

It will be great too to have the possibility to add sub items.

 And to be perfect, it will be cool to add a name(for example when an other person work on an item) 

I'm a small studio manager and there's no easy task tool and Tape looks really nice, if you can add those stuff it will be the perfect tool!

I attach an quick photoshop example of what i suggest

Thanks a lot for your work.

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What an elegant tool for keeping track of projects! How do you remove items in a collection? And is there any way to reorder items or collections?

Thank you for the response Sarah !

Currently there is no way to do this, but these features are very high on the priority list. My apologies for that inconvenience.

No problem! I look forward to the next update - at that point Tape will make a perfect replacement for my sticky notes. :)

Hæ— Renaming and deleting Items was introduced in 1.1.1. Renaming and reordering collections has been introduced in 1.1.2 currently available to Patreon supporters but will be released to everyone soon.

macOS , export button not work

hæ, export writes a file to your user desktop, did you check there ?

yeah I found tons of txts in desktop folder. It is better to shows a notification after finish


Something like a save dialog would be nice. 

Have a look at node's fs, and electron's dialog.showSaveDialog.

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