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Hi, I love the simplicity and design of this tool, but it would be really helpful if I could increase the font size or maybe bold the text. Is there a way to do this?



Hello—hold cmd/ctrl and + -


That works great, thanks!  It took me a second, because it does not work with the numpad +/-.

hi, is there a way to make the text of the collection title increase as well?

Hello, not at this time but it is on the list !

oh awesome! thank you.


Really love this. Love how easy it is to use, how easy it is to customize the themes.

One small thing: could you add *how to delete* to the documentation? It wasn't terribly hard to find through trial and error (or reading through comments here), but it would've been handier if it was in the included documentation.



If you don’t mind me asking: What tech did you use to make this? It’s so snappy and fluid and even renders ligatures!

I’m a software engineer. I normally do web stuff, but I’ve been interested in dabbling more with offline-first tools but figuring out how to do cross-platform (I personally use Win, Mac, & Linux) is intimidating.

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I saw that about a year ago there was a post about sub-items and the reply made it seem like that was a planned update. I was wondering if that's still in the works?

Also I feel like, since there is the ability to change the layout, a horizontal scroll might be nice!

Also I just want to say that I think this program is adorable and I love the minimialism, for the most part! I also absolutely love how visually customisable it it.

Another Edit, sorry!! I was wondering if there was any plans to make it so you can save and load lists? As it is, adding a collection from a saved .txt just adds it, rather than replaces it. Different lists for different things would make organising much easier, I think.

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i think you don't open tape, you drop the txt file into the exe file? i don't remember exactly so make a backup before you try.

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hey, how do you edit themes? i pop opened one of the svg files in inkscape, changed some colors, saved, and nothing happens when i drop the new svg into tape.

(edit never mind, i opened it in a text editor and changed the values there)


I love this tool!  Thank you so much for all the work you've clearly put into it.  Have you considered making the "states" customizable, just like the themes are?  I would love to be able to fit them closer to my own workflow.


I loved the TAPE and help me a lot with my writing projects, I think it would be great if we had an app version for android or IOS too, I would pay again to purchase in some of them stores.


I upgraded to the most recent version and I can't find out how to mass delete collections. The "DRAG ME INTO TAPE" file doesn't really have anything else in it either, not even a message that should delete stuff. Help?


Thank you for reaching out—Currently the fastest way to delete collections is to click the title, hold CMD/CTRL and press Backspace, then Return. Another way to delete may be implemented in the future but for now it was done this way to avoid accidental deletion as there is no undo. I hope this helps for now.

hi, I cloned the themes repo and tried drag and drop onto Tape and I get the forbidden Icon, I'm using the svg file that come in the repo, should I convert them into png or what I'm doing wrong? I'm launching Tape from inside Itch. Thanks

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Found out that Itch was running Tape in sandbox mode and that was giving problem.

Thank you for reaching out. It is a known problem with running Tape from the itch launcher, it prevents some features from working as intended.

I just disabled the sandbox mode and worked as expected from itch,  thanks.


Big big fan of the new update. It is a much more intuitive design that will probably lead to me using it more often for project organization and maybe extend to planning. I wish there was a way to save layouts as a txt file like the intro to tape thing to differentiate between different projects.

the discord link is broken (or only for patrons) so ill ask this here: is there a way to save everything in the window as a txt document like the "DROP ME IN TAPE".txt? if not I would love to see that.

Thank you for reaching out. You can use CMD/CTRL+S to export the collection data to a JSON .txt file. 

Which link to Discord did you try ?


can you make a different way to change the progress? it doesn't work with the onscreen accessibility keyboard. you can not hover over it with the mouse and press a key at the same time


This is great! A simple & aesthetic task list that I can set states to. I just wish that it could remember the window's size & location on screen whenever I open it again; but that's just a minor inconvenience. (Windows 10 user by the way)


I really enjoy using Tape, the minimalism of the UI and the overall simplicity of the software is like a breath of fresh air when you come from Trello and Jira. I find it very elegant and perfect for my workflow, but I understand it is not for everyone, since you cannot use it over different devices, or with other people.

I think it is a very nice alternative!✨

(oh and I think the best theme is "Pastel Night", Im already using softwares from Hundred Rabbits, and it was a nice surprise to see that you are using the same theme system!)


I really like Tape! I've been using it to keep track of shots while I do animation/motion design.

The only thing I don't like is that you have to double-click to edit the text. Seems like it would be easier/faster for the text to be editable with a single click. I'm using a pen and tablet though, so maybe it's better for others. For me it makes editing/deleting really cumbersome. Still, cool program for $5!

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Love Tape! It is definitely helpful to organize projects from different clients or team members. But I'd love to see "Revising" status been added into the upcoming update, since revision is probably the most common and annoying state in design

Great tool nevertheless, thanks Aeriform team!

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Love it, using it in my day to day work :)


Privacy blur applies to the collection, unless you have it enabled and then add an item. Then you find yourself in a situation where all but the new item are blurred.. and if you toggle again.. all items are shown except for the new item, and there is no way to undo this other than deleting and starting again.

I do like the idea of privacy for a single item in a collection though.

Update: If the collection is toggled to private, and you edit an entry, that item is no longer blurred, but all others are.

Thank you for reporting this. Privacy mode is per 'session' too so, restarting the app should clear it.

Neat little notebook tool. Surprised when I found out that it automatically renders html tags - I mentioned "<select>" in a new item and then *poof* I get a weird tiny select box inside my new item.

Curious if this was an intended feature? Could be useful, I guess! :D

Using aeriform_tape_1.3.6_linux_r2021032301

Thank you for letting us know—it shouldn't do that !


I got this in a bundle, and I have some questions. The first being the most important, why can't you delete things? There's not even a keyboard shortcut. I don't even think you can reset the file. Also, there should definitely be mouse controls, because having to look through the documentation to figure out what shortcut will do what you want it to do is really time consuming. My other question is how do you change the theme? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for reaching out. To delete items and collections simply edit the text and backspace until it prompts 'Delete?" hit enter to confirm.

To load a theme, simply drag and drop the theme file into Tape.


Its not bad, but for the dear god of life, why can't you move Collections around with the mouse, that seems kinda clunky unless I am totally missing something there.


There are keyboard shortcuts, but they are clunky. I'd like an option for mouse control.

The keyboard shortcuts work for me... its just the organizing of my board annoys me. Everytime you make a new Collection it goes on top, disorganizing my thoughts. Wouldn't be that big of a deal if I could move it after creation without to much work.

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This is really good when you get to know how to use it. The key being when. The documentation is incomplete and the tutorial is hidden in the download files. Some changes I would make.

1) When you extract the file, would have the .exe file and two text files. Drag and drop the text wiles into the Tape window. It has a proper tutorial. I would make that page show on startup for the first time.

2) There is no way to clear the board, this makes deleting old things very clunky. Add in a right-click option to clear the board

3) The last complaint is that editing text is really weird. I'm not sure if I've clicked on it properly, and I have to triple-click to actually see any highlight. Change how editing text works to make it more user-friendly.

Overall, this is a really great concept, but it has a couple of glaring issues. I would add a roadmap of features just to show that the project isn't abandoned.

Thank you to the dev and please fix some of the problems.


This is essentially unusable with the current documentation. You should really prioritize that, especially if you’re going to promote it in a bundle. Not very satisfied with my purchase as it is now.


It should be called the "abandoned projects bundle" for what I'm looking in every comment section.


is there any way to reset Tape to its empty state?
When opening the tutorial theres a message on top that lets you do that, but is there a way to do this during normal use?
I find deleting each collection manually to be a bit slow


Thank you for reaching out. Loading the guide to reset is the easiest way, it was important to not make this easy to accidentally do.

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Desperately in need of some guided tutorial or something that hints at what is possible in the app for new users. Moving the mouse around does... stuff? But it's functionality is hidden away and isn't located without hints. Requires mouse dexterity - especially as the UI reacts to the mouse - that excludes certain users. There are keyboard shortcuts but again, who knows what keys do what without some level of new user on-boarding?


Thank you for reaching out. Please check out the on-boarding guide that is included called 'drop me in tape'.

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Are there any video instructions out there? This looked like it was going to be TRELLO easy, but it... Isn't.  I'm a bit confused on how to get started and their documentation page is practically non-existent.

Thank you for reaching out.  There is a guide file called 'drop me in tape' that comes with Tape that should help get you up and running.


i feel like suckerfreegames - pretty overwhelmed. A video would actually be pretty neat! :)


now i own this Two times :thinking:

Hi there,

What's in the changelog for 1.3.6? I'm excited to see this tool being developed more :)



Previously had 1.3.0, loved it. 

Have just gone to install 1.3.6 and it won't install - the "Installing, please wait" bar freezes around halfway and wont finish.

Windows 10 64 bit - is this a known issue?

Thank you for reaching out. This has not been reported before. Are you installing via the itch Launcher ? Are you able to download it and install separately ?

hey - no, this is the seperate download. Havent tried from the itch launcher, will give that a try too

nope - gets to the same stage via the app. Marked as installed then when I click "launch" the installer pops up, gets to just under halfway on the bar then stays like that indefinitely

Are you running some kind of anti-virus, and did you try restarting your computer before installing ?

all anti virus etc stopped, and yes did a reboot.


Is there a way to customise our own priority steps from Priority/Submitted/Approved etc 

And reduce/increase the nnumber?


Any thoughts to how this can be customised?


I understand that this is something far down the pipeline for the future, but I REEEEEEEALY want to be able to use this across all of my devices (including tablet/phone) Sometimes, I forget about tasks and don't write them or don't mark them as finished, so I forget about them. This would just help so much and would also open up the market to the users that don't have a computer.

I'm enjoying using Tape, but a request (unless I'm just oblivious): Is there a way to reorganize collections of tasks? Reorganization would be appreciated, along with allowing for placing collections side my side (instead of the default being up and down, which isn't ideal for a smaller screen like a Surface tablet).

Thanks for creating this tool, it's been very helpful!

Thank you for reaching out. You can reorganise by clicking the dots on left-most part of a collection to send it to the top of the stack. As for layout you can change this by pressing [TAB].


Awesome, sorry I missed this before, I'll refer back to any help docs in the future! Thanks!

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TAPE is a really cool and simple tool for those who wish to keep their projects organized. However, I do have a couple of critiques that I think could improve it:

    1) The ui is almost too simple or the tutorial is too short. By this, I mean, that it's a little difficult to navigate because of how minimalist the design of the ui is, and when that minimalist design is combined with a very short tutorial (it only teaches you how to make a collection and an item) it can become a little difficult to figure out how to do things such as giving an item a different designation or how to delete an item or collection. All this being said, I still figured out how to do these things on my own after poking around for a few minutes. To resolve this I would suggest either lowering the restrictions on how minimalist and "clean" the ui needs to be in order to make it easier to navigate or expanding the tutorial to include those few extra functionalities the program has that might not be immediately apparent to a new user.
     2) (This is less of an issue I have with the tool as it currently exists and more of a suggestion for an implementation that I believe could expand it's functionality.) I would absolutely LOVE this program and use it for every single one of my projects if it included one thing: a way to create sub-items (i.e. items that are children of other items) and allowing those children to be minimized under the parent. Including this feature would send this program to the top for me as the #1 project organization tool I use.

All in all, this is a great tool for people who wish to keep their projects organized in one place. 9.5/10, I would recommend this to almost anyone who asks.

Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate the support and feedback. There is a better documentation in the works, in addition to the Quick Start guide that comes with the software.

I cannot download the tool. When I select the download button I get a popup with an install dropdown and a location drop down. When I click on the install drop down its empty and if I hit install I get errors. Any Ideas?

Thank you for reaching out. Have you tried downloading via the website, not the app ? This may be a problem to bring up with support.

In some of these screenshots it shows different backgrounds. How do I access these?


Thank you for reaching out. Tape is customised with themes that can be downloaded from here

I really like this software, its simple to get into and looks clean.
Im wondering if its possible to have popups on items. Like say if you add a item and want more information what the items means, you could write an info box that pops up when you press an icon on it. :) 

I'd very much like to see free movement of collections, in my opinion that is the only thing preventing this software from replacing a kanban.

As of now, the movement system for collections feels clunky and can be hard to properly organize.


will there ever be an option to add pics related to the tasks ?

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I love the tool so far, but one thing really frustrates me. The text next to each task (Priority, Working, Done) is not only low contrast, but extremely tiny (doesn't resize when using keyboard shortcuts). Not to mention I can't change them via custom themes.


You can increase text with shortcut - CMD + - 

And the colour can be modified in themes SVG.


Yes, you can do that, but not with the text I'm complaining about, hence the comment.

similar problem for me, i can barely read the collection titles even when i enlarge text. it doesn't seem to scale with item text.


is there any sort of full on tutorial of how to do everything? because i really loved this and i need something like it,but i have almost no idea how to use


Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time, but we are working on a user guide. There is a quick-start file that comes with all downloads of Tape that you can drop in and see how it works.

thanks a lot!

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Where is all the documentation on this software?

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