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love this as a president of a publishing society and an publishing intern as i'm able to break down large projects into small steps and track their process. wish i was able to delete steps and move them around so i can have them in chonological order. really satisfying interface though - great work!

Thank you for the kind words ! Tape 1.3.3 has support for rearranging items in and between collections. This version is available to Patreon supporters now.

When you say delete steps, you can simply edit the text and [backspace] — or do you mean something else ?


I absolutely love this tool! It's made organizing everything super simple, and just cuts everything down to just the essentials.

My only thought or suggestion would be to allow changing or adding the labels on any given task. 

As a design student, I wanted to let you know this helped me stay productive and look at the bigger picture.

Great job! :)

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Fantastic tool with a design that has you focus on the bare essentials for whatever you need to accomplish.

Some suggestions I wish this tool could have:

  • Be able to change labels (like "Priority" or "Submitted"). I have use for some of these but not all of these.
  • Fixing a weird bug where if you copy and paste in, your text gets pasted twice for some reason.
  • Embed URL's into the text. Sometimes I need more context for whatever i wrote down.

Thanks for making a great desktop app for organizing my tasks!


What a delightful little tool! It's been perfect for my workflow because it's simple, unobtrusive, and let's me use it how I want to use it. Thank you so much for this tool! It's helping me keep on track with my own Gamedev Path!

I am intrigued and am going to play with it in the future.

Can I suggest the quickstart file be loaded by default? at least for itch people.


Also, any chance of an API so I could integrate it with a "real" tool?


I love it so much! Since I got it in the bundle I can't stop using it, it has helped me a lot, I just have a lil problem, is there a way to change the font? I find it a little hard to read :( but overall is amazing, and can't wait to have a mobile version!


Examining the theme files they don't have a spot to specify a font, this is definitely a feature I would like as well.


I hope they implement it in the future, but for now I think I'm having a glitch/error. I uninstall it and reinstall, and it always looks like this while the screenshots of the oficial page  (and in the Discord) looks like a normal font. No matter if I leave the default theme or use another, the font always looks like hollow and it's really hard to read so I'm having trouble organizing and using it overall :(( Hope they keep polishing this cuz its really a good app! (I'm in Windows)

I would check in your windows settings for how your pc generates text. it looks like you have your computer render text differently


Love it, +1 for some command line arguments. Even if you only added a --import it'll open up lots of opportunities for people to sync across devices with Google Drive/iCloud.


Is there a way to customize item states? I don't need "submitted" or "approved" because i'm the only person involved in this project, but I'd like "writing" and "testing."


I'd really like this feature too! I'm in the same boat and would love to replace submitted and approved with labels more useful to my situation. 

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I've discovered Tape with the latest bundle and started to use it for my animated short film school project. It is now always open on my screen and has been very useful ! It's clean, simple, very cool.
Thank you very much !

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I rly love this lil app so far! It's very streamlined and doesnt make too much cluster or adds to much mess to a simple structure. 

Only thing Im having issues with, how does changing type size work? I try pressing +/- but nothing changes? 

I don't know if you take recomendations either, but I sort off miss the opportunity to just drag and place the collections around. Maybe a url system too, for when you collect resources and you'd like them plastered in to Tape.  

to change the text size you have to hit 'ctrl +/-' not just +/- !

Lovely, simple, clean, and comprehensive. 

I hope someday to get a mobile version, so I can check off projects on the go, but as is, it is still a fantastic tool for scatterbrains like myself.

I tend to have multiple personal projects, like learning to code and working on some creative writing, at the same time, so it can be easy to lose track of one while focused on another, or feel like I'm not making progress, because I'm splitting my time in such small pieces. 

Tape gives me the piece of mind of an organized planner while also having the simplicity and pretty colors my ADHD brain responds well to. Full marks. 

Been using this for a couple of weeks, and now can't live without it. Thanks!


This has probably been said before but I wish that items under collections could be moved around, and that the privacy command could be used to blur specific tabs.


I need help, i cant change the theme. i tried dragging and dropping it but it isn't working. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so were you able to fix it? how?

Hi—Can you go to and contact us through the support widget please ?


I really like this app!  It's perfect for organizing my hobby projects.  I just wish I could re-order items without saving, editing by hand and re-importing.

Nice-to-haves include:

  • Status re-naming(I don't need Submitted or Approved but I could use them for other things, it would be fine if I had to edit the file by hand)
  • Show numbers with percentages, no hover-wait required(It shows an ugly colon all the time but not the number and it's too slow to appear)
  • Multiple project support through normal file use(Just let me double click a project file to open it, then I can store the file in the cloud or a git repo)
  • Sub-items(I could live with tasks as collections if I could re-order)

There also seems to be a tiny issue with hover to fade up.  It shows a slightly blurry text that snaps clear when the fade is done.  This may be a Windows thing or maybe it's doing a cross fade between the two texts with different alphas.  Perhaps it's just a side effect of whatever UI library this is.

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There's a lot to love here. It's a wonderfully simple but still kind of flexible application! I like how it lets you focus on the essential and does not distract you with dozens of features that you don't need anyway. Also I like how fast and responsive everything is! Great job!

Do see some aspects of the UI / usability that would benefit from improvements. Some of this has already been mentioned by other people, and I'm sure that you're already thinking about doing of what I'm suggesting below. But for completeness' sake, let me list all my thoughts.

First of all, some of the interaction patterns used here, are slighly  different from what people are used to (at least those who work in MacOS or Windows), this can be confusing. At  least, it did confuse me a lot. I think the main issues I had are these:

  • Clicking and dragging anywhere on the window, including the items themselves, (except in  some cases, when you edit text) will drag the whole window around. I do  find myself dragging that window around a lot while instictively wanting  to drag an item or a collection, or just trying to select text.
  • You can't just drag&drop items or collections, which is what I would really expect.
  • Right click usually brings up a contextual menu. In this case it performs a primary operation (setting an item to DONE)

What I would do:

  • Restrict window dragging to the title bar, if needed make the title bar a bit bigger. I wouldn't mind of the dotted region below the TAPE logo would also let me drag the window.
  • Turn the move-up button on the collection's header into a grab handle, letting me drag the collection around freely.
  • Add the same handle to items.
  • There's plenty of space for buttons on the items. consider adding a button to select the item's state. Could be as simple as a dropdown letting me choose between the various options without having to cycle through them. Right click to set the item to DONE, does work fine for me, but I can see some people being confused by it. A checkmark button somewhere would be more discoverable and be more in line with commonly used interaction patterns.

Further ideas:

  • -Being able to add a freeform text (note) to each collection could be handy to add meta info for projects. this could live at the end of the block, where the item count is being displayed.
  • Quickly hiding DONE items to focus on what's left to do would be handy

would be cool if the text could be non capitalized, it would relay help for accessibility. but other then that it is realy clean and easy to use interface


Personally I prefer the caps because they make me less fussy about punctuation, but yes, accessibility must come first. 

Perhaps it should be a setting one can set.


Used it at work today, it was pretty helpful. I wish I could drag and drop the collections around.


So close to perfect for me... I just wish I could make a copy of a collection easily.

Seems like a great tool! Thanks!


I loved this tool! It's intuitive and very useful. Actually, I am very curious if it's possible to backup the project archieves or use it linked to a online plattaform.


Very clean and practical !

Question, how exactly should the CSV file be formatted for import, it doesn't seem to work for me, I only get a collection with the name of the file but no items inside.


Than you for reaching you. CSV data needs to be in .txt format. We will add support for .csv in future.


Very nice

after exactly 100 days i can confirm my very nice with a second very nice

how do i get themes that will change the color of ITEM STATES? i have downloaded themes from the link on github, but everytime i drag them in, they change the colors everywhere EXCEPT the item states. this is maddening. i do not want RED and ORANGE in my theme. :/


Thank you for reaching out. Definitions for the states are toward the bottom of the theme .svg where it says 'Tape'. The definitions above those are for the rest of the UI.


this is really great, but we'd love to have the ability to reorder items within a collection... maybe look into how Trello does its UX?


I'm so impressed with this.

I'm an anxious college student who had a really rough time when the Covid-19 restrictions were put in place. I'm starting to get back on my feet and have a lot of deferred work to get through. This is helping me keep track of everything I need to do. It's simple, beautiful, and no-nonsense. In the past, I've messed around with Trello and Evernote and Notion, and convinced myself that the hours spent organising my planning was productive. This is so breathtakingly simple, and it's not possible to do much other than list stuff. And that is absolutely a selling point for me!

I know it's not made for students, but it has everything I need. Thank you!!


This is so nice and great. Exactly what I need to keep track of projects that are "never completely done", need rework and time. it's simple like an open door to get focused, not the "productivity gates" that keep me worried I'm not doing enough. Thanks ! buying it outside of the bundle :)


It looks neat and charmingly minimalist, but I'm disappointed by the requirement to use drag-and-drop to import stuff, which I literally can't do in my terminal-focused desktop environment that deliberately lacks a graphical file manager. I'd hope I could do the standard thing and pass a file in as a command line argument, but it doesn't work. 

I know, I know, I'm a weirdo, but people also sometimes just don't have access to a mouse for whatever reason.

I also wish there was a way to disable the dialog that pops up whenever I start the program asking to add desktop icons and an application menu entry. Those things aren't even relevant to my weirdo desktop environment, so it's doubly obnoxious to have to click "no" every single time.

honestly this is 100% necessary. Why can't more things have terminal functionality :/ it's an accessibility problem as well as a general annoyance

Its a really nice way and approach to sorting and production! I really love this and will be using it more often!

This is everything I've ever wanted and ever needed in a productivity tool. Thank you so much.

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2 years ago reordering collection items was 'planned', I could not find an easy way to do this.

Is this still not possible after 2 years?

The decorative part on the bottom also takes waaay too much space.

Other than that, it looks like the app has potential.


Really enjoying this tool. It's minimalist and thus does not allow this and that. I think that creates value.

You are being flodded with comments now but I also have a usability concern: 

I started using  Tape at work (for half a day) and then discovered the DROP THIS IN TAPE.json and accidentally clicked on the text in the top which deleted all entries. At first I didn't even know what happend. After I did it again I was able to read that this would erase all data when clicking on the text...
While every field has an interaction in this app, it wasn't visually clear that something like this would happen.
I think the application should export a json periodically for safety.  Or even start with tutorial json loaded.


Just got this in the bundle and it's amazing! Sorting out my mind clutter really efficiently & has me genuinely overjoyed. Excited to see it develop as it goes on! <3


I like it so far! Customizing the statues in the future would be neat! (Ie: started > sketch > lineart) etc

Chiming in with others saying rearranging items in collections would also be nice.

Great Tool that I found in the Racial Justice and Equality..  Many thanks for putting in bundle.. I really happy with what Ive seen so far of this.


I'm enjoying this program but a couple UI/X decisions seem a little weird to me, as others have pointed out. What's really bothering me is I like having detailed to-do items and since everything is all uppercase and single-line, I can't view my entire items without individually double clicking the task to put it on edit mode, and then using the arrow keys to slowly scroll the text so I can read it.

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very nice, i will start using it as to do list for my projects.. would be nice to  be able to rearrange items in collections, i know i can rearrange collections, but items would be good too. example, i added a new project i had started a while ago, i added things as i remembered, then i decided to add the date to keep record, but its middle of the list, i would like to move it to be first item but i cant... 

PS. i love the themes...

Agree. More freedom and possibilities to rearrange things (especially in windowed fullscreen) would be nice.

But otherwise it's a really nice app. I like it :)


Hi. Am I licensed to use this at work?

Deleted 3 years ago
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Hi- this is a super useful application, and thank you for making it! My only problem at the moment is that I'm unable to change the theme, I've tried to drag and drop the svg onto the UI but nothing changes. Is there a way to fix this?

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